STERI-GUARD Lacquers - The SAFER (non biocide) Hygienic Coating

Why use "hygienic coatings"?

In today's world there is a heightened concern about the spread of infection in most walks of life - establishments such as hospitals, care homes and catering facilities.

What is STERI-GUARDr Lacquer?

More & more manufacturers of furniture for the kitchen, educational & medical environments are being requested to use "bacteria killing" lacquers on their products. Most `hygienic' lacquers currently on sale in the UK market contain BIOCIDES that can be intrinsically hazardous to humans.

Many biocides (including Troclosan, the most common version) have recently been banned in the UK for environmental reasons as they were found to be causing more problems than they actually solved - carcinogenic, mutagenic and skin sensitising.

Steri-Guardr lacquer is manufactured by The ISF Group using a totally different, safer formulation which incorporates nano-technology and the natural occurring element SILVER.

How does STERI-GUARDr work?

Steri-Guardr lacquer prevents the bacteria's access to food & nutrients so they cannot survive. It will provide long term protection against bacteria for the lifetime of the lacquer - which could be as long as 10 years!

Why is STERI-GUARDr different?

Steri-Guardr lacquer has a unique quality to its finish - it enables the designer to maintain the overall decorative effect required whilst complying with today's building regulations for hygienic coatings.

Where was STERI-GUARDr certified?

Steri-Guardr lacquer has been tested by Bodycote Law Laboratories and was found to kill 99.9% of most bacteria over a 24 hour period - Salmonella, Listeria, E.Coli & even MRSA.

What are the products in the STERI-GUARDr Range?

We are sure that Steri-Guardr lacquers will provide the perfect solution for contractors, architects and builders alike.

The full range includes:

  • Steri-Guardr PC (Pre-cat) - CLEAR
  • Steri-Guardr PC (Pre-cat) - PROMATCH
  • Steri-Guardr AC Duo (Acid Cat) - CLEAR
  • Steri-Guardr AC Duo (Acid Cat) - PROMATCH
  • Steri-Guardr PU - CLEAR
  • Steri-Guardr PU - PROMATCH
  • Steri-Guardr AQUA (Water-borne) - CLEAR
  • Steri-Guardr AQUA (Water-borne) - PROMATCH

Both CLEAR and COLOURS are available in a wide range of sheen levels - 90% (Gloss), 50%, 35%, 25% & 10% (Matt).

How large is the STERI-GUARDr colour database?

All colours in the Steri-Guardr range are manufactured using our computerised colour system -Promatchr

Over 50,000 colour permutations including British Standard, Pantone, RAL, DCD colours are available - this is in addition to any special shades used by your company.

- Philosophy is to strive for maximum quality which is achieved through innovation. Every decision & company strategy confirms this.

- This Italian company entirely operates respecting the ISO 140001 Quality System

- Very concerned with environmental issues and so has extensively studied water based products, even for cold-coating glass.

- R&D department’s lab perpetually researches and performs product trials, to give a perfect synthesis of product and process innovation combined with prompt reaction to client needs.



A Revolution with respect for the Environment

- Low VOC content, allow norms on solvent emission into the atmosphere.

- Glass range is made up of monocomponent transparent and pigmented, odourless water based coatings.

- Variety of effects is vast and a turnover for the glass sector.

- Range of pigmented coatings can be chosen from 3 different colour schemes ICA, RAL and NCS, which together can reproduce over 2300 colours thanks to the *ICA Colour System.

- Non flammable, so easy to store, dilutive in water, so easy to prepare and apply.

- Water based Metallic chart, includes the main metallic colours in 6 varying grains.

- Special Effects chart includes effects of:  Liquid Ice, sponged, drop effect, sand blast, mother of pearl, dual, etc.

* Tintometric ICA Colour System.

- Perfectly reproduces any colour chosen from the ICA, RAL and NCS ranges, which offers an unbeatable service both as regards supply times and the constant quality.

- ICA also produces sample colours upon client request, which is colour checked by a spectrophotometer.



- ICA’s water based coatings have successfully undergone the most important adhesion and chemical-physical resistance tests:


o WET ADHSION (international method)



o DETERMINATION OF THE RESISTANCE OF SURFACE TO LIGHT (UBNI 9427) is regularly carried out on all pigments used to product the colours.


- ICA water based coatings can be applied by spray, curtain coater or roller.

- Once dried, either at ambient temperature or in an up to 70o C oven, the coated glass can be cut, ground, sealed and glued.



ABSOLUTE NOVELTY (patented product)

- A water based, tinted or transparent coating that can be applied the same as normal paint (spray or curtain coater). Once applied, it forms a slim film barrier that contains the glass or mirror in the event of breakage. No free shards of glass to cause injury.





A complete line of certified wood coatings.

Aside from being “yellowing resistant” all of these KCI coatings are certified Class 1 / Class A for flame spread and smoke development





All of these products are Class 1 / Class A Certified

  • EK Series Katilac Pre-Catalyzed Lacquer
  • KU Series Katilac Ultra Pre-Cat Conversion Coating
  • E7 Series Prizm White Pre-cat Lacquer
  • KF Series Fusion Post-Cat Topcoat
  • D Series Kativar Plus Conversion Varnish
  • DHS Series Summit Conversion Varnish
  • KD Series Diamond Conversion Varnish
  • D9 / D9MAX Series Summit White Conversion Varnish
  • AV Series Aquavar Waterbourne Clear Topcoat
  • AW Series Aquavar Waterbourne White Topcoat

Flammability testing using the ASTME E84-08a Surface Burn Rating test

in all product tests the results were:

Flame Spread Index……. 5.0 Class 1 / Class A

Smoke Development…… 5.0 Class 1 / Class A