ICA wood coatings achieves ISO 140001 certification

European Wood Coatings have arrived to North America with a bang, more specifically to Canada. After 39 years in the Industry we are excited to bring you zero VOC and very low VOC waterborn woodcoatings that is unheard of until now. We can also provide you with a list of experienced wood finishing shops and on site Contractors that are both professional and experienced in the application of these new to Canada products albeit not new in Europe. We are pleased to offer the following items and services:

  • 5 different stain systems.
  • 8 types of pigmented wood coatings some with 0 VOC.
  • 12 interior clear finishes - Two with 0 VOC.
  • Zero VOC waterborn colorants.
  • 6 exterior wood & metal finishes (including waterborn clear for exterior).
  • Custom stain / finish system for fiberglass doors.  
  • Waterborn sheens from 5° to 90°.
  • Acrylic Aliphatic coatings with sheens from 5° to 90°.
  • Pre-cat lacquer from 5° to 90°.
  • Patinas in both waterborn and solvent.
  • Metallic, pearl, marble, orange peel, starry effect, hammer, soft feel, crackle, & more finishes available.
  • UV waterborn coatings.
  • Glass coatings with the new liquid ice effect.
  • Custom stain matching.
  • Custom color matching.
  • 16 colorant tint systems in both waterborn and solvent.
  • Training in our heated spray booth FOC.
  • Top notch technical department.
  • Zero VOC intumescent fire barrier by Contego. 
  • Klingspor abrasives.
  • Anest Iwata and Lemmer professional spray equipment.

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